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BBB's with Myles Anderson

This is a new (hopefully) reoccurring post, every other week about all good things beginning with the letter B. Kicking things off with a Beer, a Brand and a Band.

Beer - Moon Dog

This weeks Beer, is from Moon Dog - Melon DeGeneres. Local legends have done it again. This time with a nostalgic 'warhead' sour lollie primary school vibes. Suck em back. Sour lollies are the shit, sour beers are also the shit. These baby's come setup in a tidy 4 pack.

Bottoms Up! Find em at every good watering hole or whatever.

Brand - Crawling Death

Homegrown heroes make good shit. Quality statement pieces including: Totes that read FUCK OFF, jumpers and hats stating SATAN and all the goods sure to impress your mum. The missus says they're a no-go for baby showers, engagement parties and other wholesome gatherings. (Boo!) However, the boss has em green lit for the pub, the park and PARTIES. Two thumbs up.

Band - CIVIC

CIVIC. Who knows how to succinctly type cast bands these days?! Total Bullshit! This band packs raw POWER. But, if you didn't know, NOW YOU DO. Civic fucking rule. Tuff as fuck type of shit you should all be listening to.


Buy all their shit over at


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