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TRIPLE B's With Myles Anderson ISSUE 2

Here we go again! Strap ya selves in for some B, B and B.

Brand - FUCT

Forged in the 90's by Erik Brunetti and Natas Kaupas in LA, FUCT have always known how to rial people up in the right kinda way with controversial graphics. A staple for all skateboarders.

The name has a somewhat hidden meaning - 'Friends You Can't Trust'.

30 years later and still releasing top quality goods.

New releases sell out in minutes, making it hard to find down under, wait up all night and pay expensive shipping or head over to Twentyfiftytwo to buy select pieces here in Australia.

Anyway you look at it, its good shit.

Beer - Rogue, Dreamland American Lager

Well well well, the shiny Pokemon card of beers; rare, elusive and expensive.

Costs 'Pub' pricing to drink at home, but fuck its money well spent! A percentage of their profits goes toward building Skateparks around the world. Outta Newport, in Oregon they are 'dedicated to DIY'

Very yummy. I got mine at BlackheartsAndSparrows which have plenty of locations Melbourne wide.

Band - RVG

These Melbournites have done it again. RVG make an honest breed of Australian rock. Their latest release 'Feral' has a whole mixture of goodness and plays great from start to end.

Listen to it yourself and make up your own mind. Check 'em out


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