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Triple B's ISSUE 4

The last few issues have been pretty red hot so we've pumped the breaks for a lazy long weekend. Kick back and relax.

BRAND - RAW Papers

Naturally unbleached plant product, no genetically modified shit and vegan friendly.

A paper for any occasion; the original and the best.

If you know you know. If you didn't, now you do.

Get 'em at any self respecting tobacco slinging extortion centre.

BREW - Allpress Coffee

With a handful of tasty blends on offer, you're sure to be jumping off the couch for a shit in no time!

Starting out roasting beans in the shed in New Zealand back in 1989, Allpress has grown into an international bean slinger and now hustles 'em all over the world.

I drink the espresso blend after punching it through the trusty Aeropress; the daily forearm workout and great all round gift.

The A.R.T espresso roast also gets a notable mention from behind the lens.

Quality coffee, getting your Sunday started right.

BOOK - Disposable by Sean Cliver

Far out, if ya can still find a copy of this beaut absolutely don't hesitate, pick one up!

Just don't buy it on fucking Ebay ($500.00!!!!). Packed full with some of the best skateboard graphics of all time, this board bible has it all. First published in 2004 'Disposable' tells the story behind notable graphics and artists from the last three decades and interviews everyone involved.

Some of my favourites include the story behind Natas Kaupas 'Devil Worship' 101 board and the focus on Mark Gonzales producing art for his pro boards throughout his career.

A history lesson for anyone who's even remotely interested in the development of Skateboarding culture and its evolution.

A solid 10/10 from me.

Roll one up and enjoy the long weekend!


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