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Supporting Local Music

After having all Live Music cancelled I thought I would compile a list of a few rad musicians we've worked with or that have been kind enough to let us use their music over the journey.

Kill some lockdown time watching their Music Videos and follow the links to shop their latest Merch.

Don't forget to support local music in these crazy times!

Peter Bibby

Bibby the Singer, songwriter, storyteller from Perth has some epic music to check out

His witty lyrics are guaranteed to draw you in as he talks about the trials of day to day life in Australia.

Check out 'Work for Arseholes' a personal favourite below; it's sure to put a smile on your face. Head to Spinning top Music for Bibby's merch and music purchases.

Frontside Backsides

Energetic Melbourne band FSBS a Punk / Garage Band featuring Jacob Watts on vocals, Ace Chapman on guitar, Paddy Martinkus on drums and Jack Perry on the bass.

Songs about doing stupid shit, skating, being broke and those annoying scooters.

Check out the film clip 'No Funds' below that includes a hectic drop in off the roof of their Brunswick house!

Pist Idiots

Sydney Band Pist Idiots have become well known for their suburban pub-rock style music. With Jack Sniff on guitar and vocals, Joey Tomato on lead guitar, Tommy Tomato on bass guitar and Melton Jon on drums.

Check out their latest clip for 'Sweet Headache' below, a compilation of footage from their 2019 'Ticker' Tour.

These guys also have a rad selection of Merch available on their website.

Little Elizabeth

A share house of creative musicians living in Melbourne combined forces to form Little Elizabeth; vocalist Paddy Martinkus, guitarist Ace Chapman (From FSBS) and Joe South on percussions. These guys are doing it all from home, mixing and mastering their unique sound from the front room and slaying it!

I was lucky enough to collaborate with these legends and filmed them performing 'This Generation' on Super 8 Film. The Footage was cut into Woody Butwilowsky's part (above) in the full length skateboarding film.

Locally Screened Pitt St Tees available on Bandcamp


APCO is a new band formed in 2019 by a group of friends from country Victoria made up of Jacob Craddock on Vocals, Lee Eastick and James Turner on Guitar, Jesse Mondon on Bass and Jordan Hicks on the Drums.

Keep an eye out for these guys!

Stream or buy three of their available tracks online now or pre order the Album on Bandcamp set to release April 17.


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