Australian musician Peter Bibby takes the reigns this week with his preferred B's


This interview took 3 hours.

Peter is a distinguished gentleman of fine taste, so of course when I offered him the chance to be interviewed in this high profile blog he couldn't resist.

We've gone above and beyond to bring you this weeks BBB - double strength! 

So let's dive right in. 

BEER - Beerfarm IPL - Indian Pale Larger

"Its 5.2% but goes down like 3.2% Made local here in WA - Good people, Good beer! It's fucking delicious, gets me pretty hammered pretty quick."

BOOK - DBC Pierre - Ludmila's Broken English

I had a tough time understanding Petey's answer to this one, almost as hard a time as he had reading it.

" A clash of classic English minded disabled people ... "

something, something, something...( he goes on a bit here )...

"Madness, War and Violence. This one sucked me the fuck in. It was a struggle to read, but I enjoyed reading it."

BAND - Leo Kottke

Bibby had a hard time deciding this one with his broad musical appetite and opted for the record sitting on his turntable.

" He's not a band, he's one guy. Leo Kottke. Dads love him. Make sure you say Dads love him!"

BAD LANGUAGE - "is an art"

Peter caught me off guard with this one. I was absolutely expecting the obvious........

I was wrong. 

"No language is 'bad language'.To offend people is an art. You gotta get under their skin, so its very personal. Call some dude a c#*t, he'll probably love it! So ya know, its not the language itself, it's the delivery and I personally like to tailor my use of offensive language to each and every individual"

BULLSHIT - "The Chat"

" I'll tell ya what, I reckon some bullshit is ...THE CHAT!

Nowadays ya gotta fuckin queue up to get ya morning coffee, generally it's a bit of a wait, bit of a queue. Every fuckin' dickhead wants to bother this poor barista with generic babble, their morning oats, the car, this shit, that shit! Ten people waiting behind em! I've actually noticed an $18 Bagel for sale at this particular establishment.

YA KNOW WHAT ELSE IS BULLSHIT?! - CAFES! Cafes are some bullshit! Forget the Barista save your bullshit for the Bartender. Give it a rest. Wait till the PM forget the AM!"

Peter wanted me to point out how many B's he used, good boy!

BEACH - Classified

Again - crafty fucking Peter with the cryptic shit...

"I'm not gunna tell you the name, that's too easy. Plus it's one of WA's best kept secrets... I'll describe it for you though... 

It's got a ridiculous staircase, and usually far too overpopulated.

If you get down there just at the right time of day and swim out about 10m with goggles and a snorkel on, you can get a glimpse of me favourite fish, the Spotted Rock Cod! Sounds like something you might catch off a sketchy woman!"

"He's a big fish, covered in spots. Longer than the most part of my leg, not the whole leg mind you, but definitely the most of it"

"Other than that this beach offers crystal clear water, it's real good and close to home"

Whats Next?

"Yeah look, bit tricky to say, I dunno so I'll just keep on taking each day as it comes"

Have a listen to Pete's latest offering 'Oceans' below, the B side is a fucking banger too and not gunna be released anywhere else so don't sleep on the 7". Get em at

P.S- i love Strawberry Pete and Dirty Dave!

Here we go again! Strap ya selves in for some B, B and B.

Brand - FUCT

Forged in the 90's by Erik Brunetti and Natas Kaupas in LA, FUCT have always known how to rial people up in the right kinda way with controversial graphics. A staple for all skateboarders.

The name has a somewhat hidden meaning - 'Friends You Can't Trust'.

30 years later and still releasing top quality goods.

New releases sell out in minutes, making it hard to find down under, wait up all night and pay expensive shipping or head over to Twentyfiftytwo to buy select pieces here in Australia.

Anyway you look at it, its good shit.

Beer - Rogue, Dreamland American Lager

Well well well, the shiny Pokemon card of beers; rare, elusive and expensive.

Costs 'Pub' pricing to drink at home, but fuck its money well spent! A percentage of their profits goes toward building Skateparks around the world. Outta Newport, in Oregon they are 'dedicated to DIY'

Very yummy. I got mine at BlackheartsAndSparrows which have plenty of locations Melbourne wide.

Band - RVG

These Melbournites have done it again. RVG make an honest breed of Australian rock. Their latest release 'Feral' has a whole mixture of goodness and plays great from start to end.

Listen to it yourself and make up your own mind. Check 'em out

A new HD Skateboarding edit with Super8 Film cut throughout filmed in both Melbourne and Sydney.

The video Runs for just under 5 minutes and features a mix of footage intended for other productions and projects before the Covid19 virus brought everything to a screeching holt.

Instead of holding onto footage and waiting for restrictions to end, i decided it was in the best interest of everyone involved to get the footage out rather than letting it collect dust.

Local Melbourne band Little Elizabeth recorded a David Bowie cover for the edit which they put together in their home studio whilst in lockdown.

Featured in order of appearance

Tawa Hayes

Woody Butwilowsky

Brad Saunders

Gareth Stehr

Ben Currie

Chris Vaughan

Jayden Robson 

Justice Reid

Music by Little Elizabeth - Moonage Daydream Cover

Filmed and Edited by Harrison Herkess

Head to the merch page to cop a limited run 'DEAD BROKE' beanie for winter! Available in 3 colours.