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Just Another Bike Ride

Just another bike ride is a collection of photos by Dela Charles that tell her story while visiting Australia, exploring the streets of Melbourne.

"I don't need Disneyland, just take me to the grocery shop!"

Dela Spent countless hours exploring laneways and riding through the streets jamming the brakes up in front of disgruntled drivers.

"I'm definitely one of these bike riders everyone hates. I just look in the sky, at the buildings around me and stop suddenly if I spot something that I have to take a photo of."

Dela explains the photo series as

"A visual adventure bike ride, finding lots of beautiful things to connect together"

Photos by Dela Charlotte Lampacher © 2019 Dela Charles

Dela is a Photographer and Graphic Designer Based in Berlin, Germany.

Follow her on instagram to keep an eye out for her upcoming work.


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