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Local N3ws are a Melbourne based Production Company with a strong focus on Video.
We run as a collective of individuals, creating unique content thats affordable.
Photography, Videography and custom made music all available. Local N3ws is a one stop shop for 
your project and production needs.
Skateboarding, fashion, events and music are our main passions but hit us up for anything and we'll make it look good.
Choose from a range of mediums and styles for your project, we will achieve the aesthetic you desire.
It can be an expensive exercise to get the permission and licenses required to use music in content commercially. Plus a lot of free licence options just don't do a great project justice.
We have a selection of Musicians available to create original soundtracks to suit any video project.
A great way to achieve something specifically tailored to your project, without compromising the quality of the end result and keeping your project within budget every time.
Contact us for availability, pricing, samples, collaborations or any other general enquiry.
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